Parametricism Urban design
    Zhe Liu

    I read an article about parametric urban design. I want to share some comments that author talks when he compares modern urban design and parametric modern design. In the article, the author gives a example of Le Corbusier’s saying about urban design:”Man walks in a straight line because he has a goal and knows where he is going; he has made up his mind to reach some particular place and he goes straight to it……The curve is ruinous, difficult and dangerous”. Corbusier insist that the urban design should be liner because he thought liner is in order and complex pattern for him is chaos and random. The author emphasis that Corbusier still believes in order as well but his idea is limited by the science of his day.

    For parametricism design, everything is still in order. However, this order is present as an underlying logic and rationality. It is still can be analyze and measure but in a relatively complex way. It is more organic.


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