A New Generation
    Matthew Dunham

    Without out a doubt this project familiarizes itself to the new generation of high-rises being built around the world today. This Grasshopper model opens up a world of exportable forms which would be fascinating to bring into AutoCAD, or Revit. The geometry of the model created by Liu is simple in its final form and simultaneously straightforward in the grasshopper inputs map. I am very impressed by the result and intrigued as to how to get the model into Revit. I know there is currently no direct export type if I am correct, but going to AutoCAD and then exporting as a DWG or SLC file format and then into Revit perhaps could work.  We have entered a new generation of architecture as it pertains to form as well as architecture as art. Cities are no longer a grid of rectangular boxes of brick and holes for windows. But rather cities of kinetic, parametric oriented, generative design and organic pedestrian centered spaces. Let’s see how long this trend will last.


    External Source link http://www.luxury-insider.com/luxury-news/2009/12/crazy-urban-forest-to-tower-in-china