Bubbles and simplicity of boundaries



    I love the visual connections and similarities between these two ideas… While there is so many familiar things and ideas the context they are used in are very different.

    Some of the similarities are with the boundaries as we see this taking place from the boundaries of other bubbles. I like the idea of this for creating boundaries in a manner of many layers of boundaries not just one boundary. How could this change the context of Hoefler project? While the system clearly has its own boundary, it’s amazes to me the freedom the form it creates has from the boundary of the system. While it creates the form it does not limit the bubble’s form to the boundaries of the system being used to create the form of the bubbles…




    bubblesbubbles.2jpg bubbles.3 bubbles.4 bubbles.5





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    Hexagon to circular defintions of a boundary
    Matt Hoefler

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    For my project I started with what could be considered as an existing space or boundary that has specific points and arcs that create a space. Using the idea of existing boundaries and a contractor I decided to shape the definitions by using circular and hexagonal shapes. In some cases using existing shapes and definitions can be beneficial – it gives us somewhat of a starting point to begin our design process.  Instead of starting form the “ground up” we can gather information that currently exists and expand on the particular areas and spaces that need attention. If we can create a design that uses association of both new design and existing conditions the design will not only perform well it will also add to the character of the structure.

    Using Revit was very interesting for this project because there are many complex shapes and forms that you can create using the associations. I tried to create as many associations as possible and use this idea of existing structure to help create theses shapes.  In all stages of the project I used just the boundary defined in the original lines, this allowed me to work within a contained environment that could be considered the contractors scope of work.