Crop Circles
    Peter Edward Atwood

    The Phenomenon of crop circles is the first thing that came to my mind when looking at this project. Although the original reaction to crop circles was that of wonder and confusion, considering that people  believed they were the creation of aliens, I think it helps familiarize the idea that complex transformations  can be created using simple geometry or techniques. Both the project and crop circles are basically two dimensional, they have a constrained set of geometry and they are built through a series of transformations. Another reason why I think crop circles familiarize this project is because of the common method people use to create them. Although they appear complex most are created using a board with two ropes tied to either end. The person simple holds each end of the rope, places one foot on the board and proceeds to flatten the crop into a pattern. Even though crop circles would probably be considered a large scale application I wonder how the comparison between them and this project could suggest a method of production which could create a physical iteration of this geometry. Ultimately I think that like this project crop circles is also an example of parametric design technology involving simple constraints and geometry with complex and intriguing outcomes.

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