Giant’s Causeway
    Matthew Dunham

    This brings to mind the natural phenomenon of Scotland’s Giant’s Causeway where the coastline is rock stepped down into the sea. They say there are about 40,000 interlocking basalt pillars/septs the result of  a likely volcanic eruption. The first familiarization between nature and Buck’s parametric generation is the rigid-stepping-rectilinear forms together create soft flowing forms. Perhaps how computer generate circles though a series of finite lines. Another comparison is that in the natural version there are no voids, which familiarizes itself to third iteration Buck created, were they work together to create one mass whereas in the other three computer generated model there are voids. The first defamiliarization difference to Peter Eisenman’s project and that of Nick Buck the is that nature created a erratic and undefined array of geometries. Each nearly a perfect hexagon or in some cases a square that does not follow a defined geometric grid. The last relationship is concentrated on Buck’s third and fourth iteration, the form is less smooth and more dynamic and repetitious in its ambiguity. This creates the second parallel and familiarization between the natural phenomenon and the man made generation. 


    Causeway 4

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