Peter Eisenman
    Ari Anderson

    This image is from Peter Eisenman’s Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe.  I can see a parametrization of  this monument having a similar effect to Nick’s Project.  I would argue that the essence of this piece is the interaction of two sets of relationships.  The relationship  between the solid blocks and the voids between. The second relationship is between the undulating place of the ground and how it moves in relation to the undulating plane of the top of the blocks.  The memorial allows theses two relationships to operate without interference. The monument follows a general rule.  That rule is then applied to a field stone, and the monument is the result. Not once is an exception to this rule made. No special accommodations are made for the people passing through the memorial, and no intervention is introduced which is not already derived form  the undulating horizontal planes or the vertical blocks. As a result, as one passes through the monument, it is entirely possible to become swallowed up by the indifferent blocks of stone.   It is the result of pre-defined relationships and not a series of independent design decisions.  This disassociation from people, spontaneity, or special circumstance is what makes this piece parametric.

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