Randomly Extruded Building Profiles
    Peter Edward Atwood

    This image is at a similar scale, where each of the objects represents a building. The intention was to quickly visualize the fabric of a portion of the city surrounding a center plaza, seen as the square in the upper right quadrant of the image. The height of each individual building wasn’t important rather that they had variable heights which were appropriate to representing a city digitally. I think this familiarizes the image above because it suggest how this parametric modeling method can be used functionally to quickly visualize a particular space or environment with out needing to specifically model everything. Instead of saying building A=80′, B=50′, C=100′ ect. You simply say all building are defined by this range or parameter. I think it is legitimate at this scale to define a parameter, or a range of values, as accurate rather then all individual values for when we think of a city we never simply think of each building’s individual quality but rather its the range of qualities.

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