Smart code

    Run with Peter’s post and idea of Smart code and urban sprawl repair. Started to think about how most design seems like it tends to focus on the walk ability and transportation. I started to think about from different point. Focusing on the housing side of things… I could not find the precise charts, but this gives an idea to what I’m thinking about and another way to think about smart code… Take the housing charts and creating shapes and using the numbers from the chart to determine the size of the shape that layout the housing patters in ways that will work with the idea of walkable city and more sustainable style of life in the city.

    When taking class with Don Faulkner, I started to think about the housing and the way they are design now, I realize now that we need to look for other ways to design housing. From this class I realized that we are missing out on so much more, due to the lank of design apply to many cities. I also have come to learn that a lot of time the designer is responding to the problem at hand. How can we make change the way we are living now for something better? I believe that it the smart code is could start and is taking us in good direction. While walkability plays big role in the city life I we cannot forget about these other parts.






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