Thouoghts about cad parametric design
    Zhe Liu

    Although I am familiar with autocad 2d drafting, it is my first time to see how it is perform in 3d parametric design.  It is a very interesting function because it could help designer to have a better view of the design. Meanwhile,  it create a parametric environment to enhance design possibilities. However, I am curious how much autocad 3d/parametric function could help to do architecture design since revit already did a good job about it. In this extrusion case, the extrusion is not defined as “wall”, so it is a plane without sickness. so I was wondering is it work better for concept design than revit since it is not that complex and the file is small ?   I know that autocad is not specific for architecture program, maybe that is why it is so unspecific and then can apply to more fields.

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