A basic form study of the freedom we have with in association to an existing structure/grid layout

    2.02.1 2.02.2 2.02.3 2.02.4 2.02.5 2.02.6When thinking about the four parts “contractor, associative, existing structure and Revit” that make up this project.

    I started looking back at how the contractor is defined furnishing supplies. The basis of this design started with and already furnish structural model which we could say was supplied by a contractor, from this I started working with Revit by making a family. From this family it allow me to make associations to the existing structure/grid layout… Within these images you will see red lines these lines are dependent on the structure and grid layout. Whereas the blue line show the independent lines that make the forms that are not dependent on the grid or structure. While still being able to apply the structure to these independent forms… The elevation is dependent on a side in the family that was created in Revit. While the height of the new forms are not dependent on the structure/grid, they are associated with the structure do to the dependence of the family within the structure/grid… As I have worked with this program it helps me to see how much room there is within a design while still working on grid or already existing structure.  It would seem as though there’s not much room to work or created some new or different because of the existing structure. But that is just not the case at all. I believe this example can show the freedom we can have even with in an existing structure.