Design Software used as a Parametric Narrative
    Ari Anderson

    Using the case of Marty McFly from “Back to the Future”, Grasshopper is demonstrating how informational feedback loops create issues recursive issues.  In the movie this feedback loop results in Marty McFly slowly disappearing because the information which “Seeded” him is changing. The three data systems outline the three main stages of the movie.

    McFly Stage 1

    Stage 1 of the Time Travel Paradox

    Stage 1: the original Marty McFly with as he exists with his defining information coming from his parents.

    McFly Stage 2

    Stage 2 of the Time Travel Paradox

    Stage 2: with a time machine Marty is able to disrupt the information which informs his existence, creating a recursive error and causing him to disappear.

    McFly Stage 3

    Stage 2 of the Time Travel Paradox

    Stage 3: with the introduction of self confidence, Marty’s father is able to re-establish the data steam to create a new timeline with a better life.