Generative literal translation… with abstracted idea’s


    I started with what is associated with a rural location… farm, country, “TREEs”. From this I decided to look at generative… Trees are also generative through the production of leafs…with the help of Rhino/Grasshopper I was able to do a 2D and 3D study of generative design within a defined boundary which also relates back to the idea rural location, marking off points at farthest from each other. Which we can see with in the form study. I believe the client portion can be seen through the application of grasshopper in it’s about ability to compute to data and generate many of the same things while also being able to change the size and also the placement of the parts being the leafs.

    While I have used something literal such as a tree and leafs. I would ask the question how could this design be looked at in abstract way? Could it be used to form a new homestead, away to plan the layout of a new urban location within rural location, what are other things this literal form could be used for in a not so literal way? I realize that I have really only begun to scratch the survives for endless opportunities. I realizes now that the idea of generative design opens up so many doosr when the right software and application are applied. I look forward to exploration of more design studies with the idea generative design.

    I have attach the explication I gave for why I believe we should choose these four parts, I believe It’s applicable to the study I have done within Rhino/Grasshopper.

    2.02-2.03 discussion

    I had already put this list together before the videos. But after watching the videos I really like how they came together… Generative, I think this was one of the big deals for these guys back in the video being able make many of the same thing but also being able to change it and create something new. Location, rural location, these show through the video in the way the he demonstrates the zoom. The rural location is apply by claiming a location and also at the two points that are furthest from each other. Unless we were to bend these two points to the same locations. Could be fun way to look at the mathematics. Client, in the word definition, it make good point that the client is seeking data… We also see this in the videos and I believe that Rhino, also uses the data that is computed to change the design while sticking to the data that has been computed. In the same way the client will be given information. The Client will make choice and changes along the way with the information that has been collected…


    Generative – Rural location – Client – Rhino


    Word study


    1. Having the ability to originate, produce, or procreate.

    2. Of or relating to the production of offspring

    Rural location


    1. a site or position; situation
    2. the act or process of locating or the state of being located


    1. of, relating to, or characteristic of the country or country life
    2. living in or accustomed to the country


    1. a person, company, etc, that seeks the advice of a professional man or woman
    2. computing a program or work station that requests data or information from a server


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