Parametric Community Engagement
    Matt Hoefler

    This is just two ideas that I have been working with, its really interesting to see how the different parameters affect the total shape and style of the drawing! This isn’t a final copy by any means but I just wanted to upload some ideas to get a discussion maybe. So please let me know what you think!


    mmh test-1 mmh test-2



    02.01 mmh process 3


    I have now created a more finalized version of what I have been working on – Each circle represents an area of use – whether it be business, restaurant, retail or anything else – these are places that are very busy and tend to a lot of people. Each circle has a constraint that allows me to control the diameter and all of the other circles diameter so I can create different scenarios depending on areas of interest, – some circles will stay the same others will expand or shrink depending on how these different areas interact with each other.