Ask any general question here regarding how to participate in this investigation. Including but not limited to questions regarding joining, commenting, material submission, and how to use this website. Your questions will remain public if you post them here for the benefit of other investigators.


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  1. Nick Nick says:

    What day is 01.01 due? I can’t seem to find it anywhere.


  2. peteredwardatwood says:

    This is a good question and you are correct that there is no “due date” posted for project 01.01. Officially if you are taking this seminar for credit it would be due before grades are due to the university. I can find this exact date and inform you when it is.

    Concerning this investigation, I do not think it is relevant to assign due dates, however this is just my opinion. If we think it will be helpful to assign a “due date” or what I would rather call a review date then lets have that discussion.

    All in all I would imagine that project 01.01 should be posted before we begin project 01.02. Project 01.02’s project equation will be determined on 07.05 (Friday July 5th).

    Hope this helps answer your question, thank you for asking.

  3. Nick Nick says:

    Yeah, that works for me. I just had some other things due and got a bit worried if this was due on the same day. This clarification helps a ton.

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