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02.02.01 – Adaptive Families in Revit

This is the first video session in reaction to project two of session two for Re-Engaging Para-Metrics. This video will introduce the basics of adaptive families in Revit.

One Response to 02.02.01 – Adaptive Families in Revit

  1. Matthew Dunham says:

    I remember being in Peter’s Design Technologies class and learning a little about these adaptive families. When these fundamental associations and connections are done correctly it makes the item very versatile once in the project. It vastly exciting to discover this in Revit and learn about how actually easy it is to do. Since then I was able to utilize families far more in all my projects. The associations are what makes these models really adaptive. We were given the freedom to create an object which we would then modify into several iterations. While I don’t have those files/images with me, I wish I could share them. Super cool!!

    I do think that when making them, the way the planes/lines and points are connected initially, dictate the overall adaptability. I came to the conclusion that when creating a family one has to really know what they are doing and what they intended to be able to modify once in the project. Once this is known then it is a absolutely vital when using Revit.

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