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Aurora: Weather Warfare review

4.2 / 5


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Aurora: Weather Warfare Review

Aurora: Weather Warfare is an application by Arts Alliance. Aurora: Weather Warfare was first published on . It is available on Steam, Other.

Aurora: Weather Warfare is an adventure game set in the near future in a world of cataclysmic climate changes. As one of the few lucky survivals, you’re about to embark on a full of peril, pitfalls, and difficult choices journey to the epicenter of the weather disaster to solve the mystery.

Who controls the weather controls the world
Behind the secret program of artificial influence on the weather, stands the group of the rich and powerful individuals who want to establish the New World Order. Their weapon, so-called HARM (High-Frequency Auroral Research and Modulations) is a tool that not only can cause a tornado, a flood in the desert or a snow-flurry in the middle of summer but also drive people mad and control their minds.

Save your beloved ones
As a father and loving husband, your priority is to protect your family. You have to find your lost wife and look after the teenage dougher that accompanies you on your dangerous trip through the city set in chaos.

There are no good choices
There is no way around it, to survive you have to set aside any remorses. In the world of weather apocalypse, you’re constantly put in a situation where every decision brings death to somebody. Often you have to sacrifice a few to save many… or just yourself.

Solve the mystery
Even if it might sound overwhelming, you are the only one who can stop those who are jeopardizing the entire planet and its ecosystem. You have to look for the clues, connect the dots and find the way to turn HARM off for good!

Aurora: Weather Warfare

4.2 / 5

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Author: Arts Alliance

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